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Our Services:

  • Swimming pool excavation
  • Swimming pool demolition and removal
  • 1 Day Service (in most cases)
  • Proposals (Bid)
  • Pre-site Property (if needed)
  • Call Underground Services Alert (USA)
  • Removal of concrete, fence and dirt.

We take great pride in providing you a complete full service company for your swimming pool excavation or pool demolition needs.

Once you have decided on the design of your swimming pool, you can simply fax, mail, or drop off your plan into our office where our friendly and courteous staff will work up a proposal and schedule a pre-site if necessary. Upon acceptance of our proposal, we will call an underground service alert (to make sure there are no buried utilities in the site) and schedule a "Dig Date" to start your project.

On the day of the dig, one of our crews will arrive at your site between 7-8 a.m. The crew will have 3-5 members depending on the equipment and trucks needed for your particular project. Once we are in your backyard, we are equipped to remove almost anything that may be in the site: concrete, plants, bushes, tree stumps etc. (of course you should address these items when submitting your plan for a proposal). Our crew will then set the elevation and layout the shape of your pool according to the specifications on your plan.

Once you have approved the layout, our crew will build the gunite forms around the pool and start to dig. Our crew will normally complete the excavation that afternoon! Of course, depending on the complexity and ground conditions, it sometimes takes longer.

When rock or ground water prevents us from completing the pool excavation with our normal equipment, we have specialized equipment available (at extra cost) to complete the project ourselves. Many contractors, at this point, leave it up to you to find another contractor that can complete the excavation.

At Matsubu Construction, our continued commitment to customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.


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