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MTL 16
At 7,497 lbs. this 6'11" tall x 5'8" wide rubber track loader with a ground pressure of only 4.86 PSI is unmatched for working in soft and hard ground The load capacity of this loader is 2,300 lbs. If hard ground becomes a problem, we can use a 750 lb. hydraulic breaker to continue the operation.

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MTL 25
When access permits, this 10,692 lbs. 7'3" tall x 6'8" wide rubber track loader is ideal for soft and hard ground. With a ground pressure of only 4.3 PSI, this loader can use a 750 lb. hydraulic breaker that we bring to most jobs to assure a smooth operation. With a 97 hp engine and a load capacity of 3,500 lbs, this machine is a beast.

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Yammar ViO 50
At 11,552 lbs. this 8'8" tall x 6'8" wide rubber track excavator offers big tractor performance in a small package when used in combination with one of our loaders. In hard rock or soft mud, this tractor is an excellent choice. If the 7,613 ft. lbs of digging force aren't enough, the ViO 50 operates a 750 lb. hydraulic breaker.

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